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SEE PERFORMANCE ORDER #1, #2, #3, etc. below

#1 Sehet, wir gehn hinauf…  BWV #159


#3  Erfreut Euch, ihr Herzen  BWV #66,  #1  & Chorale

ø  œ  ɔ  ə  ∫ ç   x    ε:   ε   ŋ ʒ ɲ ɐ  ɒ   ɚ ɝ   ʀ ʁ ʊ

ADDED IDEA FOR “softening” the herrschet word!   TRY hεr-∫U  [rhymes with “foot”]  and less and less “t”  at the end, AND/OR,   TRY hεr-∫  – just the sh sound, with NO vowel and a very light ending T.   

Notice  repeated diphthong, single vowel and soft, airy “ch” sounds

The “eu” combination is  [ɔø] in IPA.  It rhymes with my middle name, Roy.


Use a very closed [o]   for froh and Trost, more closed than we have in English.

The “ch” combination in this piece is ALWAYS the “airy’ one, soft and only air escaping. Practice saying Human, with an exaggerated, longer airy H.  This “ch” sound in NEVER harsh or “spitty.”     euch  entweichet   geistliches  Reich 

[ky-ri-e   e -lεIs]  This is a bit different from the hand out Gerry gave us.

First of all, we DO sing the final e in kyrie, so I added the closed e for that.

Secondly, the ei combination in German Latin (actually Greek!) is different from the pure German ei combination.  Think  Hawaiian necklace, then add an [s] sound, or even the English word “lace.”


#2  Christ lag in Todesbanden    BWV #4  CORO Verse I

SOPRANOS ONLY  For your half and whole notes, we will sing a MORE rounded [ə] ending. As I suggested last Tuesday, because the [ə] is sung so long, try a rounded, bit tinier end for the following words (the underlined “e”).

Measures   4,            6,            9,       10,   12,               23,       34,       44,       54

……………Todes, Banden,   unsre,         gegeben, erstanden, Leben, sollen, loben

By m. 58 and beyond, Sopranos, you have faster notes, so use regular [ə].

Christ lag, ALL voices Coro Verse I

Notice OPEN [U], tall vowels  unsre, und, uns.  Notice closed vowels, VERY closed für, gegeben, er, leben, ihm, Halleluja.

Coro Verse IV

Notice OPEN [U] tall vowels wunder.., und, rungen, verschlungen. closed vowels Tod, Leben, den, dem.  Notice very OPEN vowel  [ɔ] Spott, short and tall.

Chorale Versus VII

[U] und, Christus     [ɔ] Koste   very OPEN O

closed – leben, wohl, Oster-, der, dem, Seel

keins [ka:enZ] voiced Z -prettier and clear into glottal “andern”


#4  Der Herr ist mein getreuer Hirt BWV #112     Coro Versus  I

closed and long Der, Hute, mir, Gute, er, ohn, wohl- Zum, tue, fro-, Geboten, wegen.

Hute, Gute are schwa [ə] endings, but ROUND them MORE because of length.

:Irgend :an :einem   THREE glottals in a row.

wächst  [vεçst] , speak it SLOWLY 3 times. From ç to plain s is a SUBTLE difference. TK on recording says [vεçs] and elides into das [vεçs-das]



#5  Gott fähret auf mit Jauchzen BWV #43


Gott fähret auf mit Jauchzen       Und der Herr mit heller Posaunen

Lob-singet Gott, lob-singet unserm Könige.           closed —   der, Po-saunen, Lob, Könige


  1. Du Lebensfürst, Herr Jesus Christ, der du bist aufgenommen.

gen Himmel, da dein Vater ist und die Gemein der Frommen,

wie soll ich deinen grossen Sieg, den du durch einen schweren Krieg erworben hast,

recht preisen und dir g’nug Ehr erweisen?

  1. Zieh uns dir nach, so laufen wir, gib uns des Glaubens Flügel!

Hilf, dass wir fliehen weit von hier auf Isra:elis Hügel!

Mein Gott! Wenn fahr ich doch dahin, wo selbst ich ewig fröhlich bin?

Wenn werd ich vor dir stehen, dein Angesicht zu sehen?

Many closed – see bold and italicized

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