Trinity Choir DARE to DREAM!

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1st gear=chest voice, 2nd=passaggio, 4th=head voice(The car is here to get your attention – I owned it for over 47 years!)


TOMORROW is the  FIRST DAY of the REST of your LIFE!!

TK -my dream was to sing professionally. I want you to BEGIN to dream, to “CONTINUE” TO DREAM, DARE TO DREAM, CREATE YOUR PLAN FOR 5 YEARS, 10 YEARS, etc.

MY JOURNEY to achieve my DREAM.

Vicki & I met here, got degrees, married -short honeymoon . During 10 years in Atlanta. I sang in 10 different opera in small “pick-up companies” (Vicki played most of them). NO PAY, LOTS OF FUN. During the day, I was directing/conducting 7 musical and 2 plays for my HS kids – watching them dream and succeed!   1973 BIG HONEYMOON TO EUROPE. That Trip opened my eyes, gave me a small seed to PLANT.       I’M LUCKY

1978 we both studied for 6 weeks at the Mozarteum in SALZBURG,  I was in various opera scenes with many singers from Europe. I REALLY got the dream.  OPERA!   An agent was interested in me, BUT I MUST live IN GERMANY to audition for the operas!

1980 sold house, bought ONE WAY tickets to Europe.  AIMS taught me the conventions: arias, correct musical style (German), clothes, agent conversations, speak GERMAN, speak GERMAN, speak GERMAN. Both of us got jobs immediately & my DREAM was realized AND EXPANDING!! at least in GERMANY/AUSTRIA!!! In 5 years in Germany I sang over 400 performances. I take care of my voice, singing the right REP for ME! & right size orchestra! I cancelled for sickness once in 5 years. I’M LUCKY!! Meanwhile, in my 31 summers in Austria teaching for AIMS, & ultimately becoming the Artistic Director –overseeing about 250 people total – 90 participants, orchestra of 75, faculty, staff- I have helped/taught/counseled over 2000 singers and pianists, at AIMS.  

THEY fulfilled THEIR DREAMS.  ARE YOU DREAMING YET?? I was put on this earth to help others!  I know correct arias for each voice type (Fach), GERMAN resume, organize audition notebook for meeting an UNKNOWN accompanist in a German opera house!,  how to dress for auditions, what to say, what NOT to say,  how to navigate the train system, where to stay, which agents to sing for, common mistakes,  in short EVERYTHING ONE NEEDS TO KNOW TO DREAM SUCCESSFULLY. 


STATING /NOT BRAGGING – so YOU will begin to formulate YOUR DREAM.

In my 50 years of professional singing, I have sung over 50 roles in opera, operetta and musicals,  I have been the tenor soloist in 28 oratorios, I have sung recitals in over 20 states, I have premiered many works, I have had 3 operas written especially for me, VICKI has had 5 different songs commissioned for me – one for my 65th birthday AND a song cycle for my 75th birthday AND I’m working on 3 ONE ACT operas right now! 

                  I’M LUCKY!

Since moving to Bloomington, I have continued to offer advice to singers/pianists- and I have helped send 9 people to “fulfill their dreams!” 5 from  DePauw, &  4 from Jacobs- Edward Atkinson, Edward’s WIFE,  Reuben Walker, Caroline Craig.  I found out later Quinn also went!   AIMS helps singers, orchestral players, pianists who want to be conductors, even established voice teachers, & choral conductors   

       NOW YOU DREAM!!!  Tell me your dream & maybe I can help.

Various TK Performances 1969-2020

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There have been over 27,000 visits to my web site.

My various roles over the years I most CERTAINLY have had fun

Anguished Witch, Hansel & Gretel, Roxy 2009


Witch Atlanta 1978

Kismet, summer stock in 1969

KISMET, summer stock St. Louis, 1969

King Kaspar Atlanta 1978

Old Deuteronomy CATS Roxy 2009

Old Deuteronomy CATS Roxy 2009

The Conferencier in CABARET - Germany 1984

The Conferencier in CABARET – Germany 1984

1969 Handsome Prince in Snow White, Muny

Wenzel – Bartered Bride – Atlanta 1985

Fridolin – Rose von Stambul – Germany 1983

Eisenstein – Fledermaus – Atlanta 1979

Tannhäuser – Tannhäuser Spoof – Germany 1985


Magic Flute Santa Fe 1968 Slave

Conferencier in Cabaret 1984 Germany

w/ Gateway Chamber Orchestra

w/ Gateway Chamber Orchestra 2012

Witch Hansel and Gretel, Roxy 1998

Longfellow 2013

Polenblut Operetta Germany 1984

Old Arithmetic Man 2014 Ravel

Old Arithmetic Man 2014 Ravel “L’enfant et les sortilèges”

LION TK Oct 2019 copy.jpg

Lion 2019  “Mooch the Magnificent” by Lauren Bernofsky

Prince 2019 R&J by Don Freund
Grandits 2020
Lüneburg Germany 1983

Thomas King taught a “group” voice lesson.

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College professor visits Seymour High School choral department

“Random acts of kindness,” “Move, soar, sail,” “Just do it,” “No one can make you feel inferior without consent,” “How you do anything is how you do everything” “and “Positive attitude, charge ahead, enjoy yourself.”

Remember these sayings!  especially “How you do anything is how you do everything!”

These were among the thoughts Thomas King, assistant professor of music at DePauw University in Greencastle, shared while talking about vocal technique with three different choirs.
King’s hope is that the students apply those thoughts to music and life.
“It’s so that they realize that each one of them is an individual and needs to start at this point and go somewhere with it,” he said. “And if it’s not in music, that’s OK, too. It’s just in life.”
King has an extensive background in music education and performing. He has given voice lessons since 1970, and he taught high school choirs for 11 years. He’s now in his 28th year of teaching at the collegiate level. Also on his résumé are several operas and musicals.
Read the full story in Wednesday’s Tribune and online at

TK ACTIVITIES – over 27,000 visits to my web site

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***November coming soon!! Prince Escalus in “Star-Cross’d Lovers” by Don Freund. (a version of Romeo and Juliet)
*September SAI Matinée Musicale Recital at Trinity Episcopal Church, Bloomington, IN
**2019-2020  ONGOING   Singing “Lion,” in Mooch the Magnificent by Lauren Bernofsky  for “Reimagining Opera for Kids” (5 performances so far)
*March  *Judged AllTech Competition (12th year in a row), University of Kentucky, March 10, 2019, Lexington, KY
*Sang Solo for Trinity Episcopal Church Pops concert, February, 2019, Bloomington, IN
*Sang 11 performances with “Reimagining Opera for Kids,” in “The Lunchbox Project” as Malcolm, the PB&J loving fourth grader!  September 2018- April 2019


*Sang Tenor Solos in Mozart Vespers, Volunteer State Community College, Nashville, TN, April 22, 2018
*Gave Master Class, Oakwood University, March 26, 2018, Huntsville, AL,
*Sang solos in Handel-Messiah, Easter portion   Bloomington Chamber Singers, March 18, 2018, Bloomington, IN
*Judged AllTech Competition (11th year in a row), University of Kentucky, March 11, 2018, Lexington, KY
*Sang Solo for Trinity Episcopal Church Pops concert, February 12, 2018, Bloomington, IN


*Trip to Berlin, Germany to strengthen German skills for “German Diction” class at DePauw, Decem. 26, 2017 – Jan. 5, 2018
 *Solo Haus Konzert, featured six historical keyboard instruments accompanying me, Bloomington, IN, December 22, 2017
 *Sang solo in Handel-Messiah, Christmas portion    Bloomington Chamber Singers, December 17, 2017, Bloomington, IN
 *Led Christmas Carol Sing,    Friday Musicale, Belle Trace Retirement Home, Bloomington, IN, December 7, 2017
*Tenor section leader,  Bloomington Chamber Singers, Feast on Bach, Bloomington, IN, December 3, 2017
*Took part in several Christmas Carol “Sings,”    at Indiana University, Meadowood Retirement Home, Oliver Winery, Bloom Magazine, November 14, December 8, 12, 19, 2017
*Thomas King and Vicki King performed    Schubert Songs, Mascagni, Santiago, Grieg Ave Marias for Sigma Alpha Iota Musicale, September 24, 2017, Bloomington, IN
*Command Performance,  on a bus tour in Alaska, August 8, 2017
*Promoted    two year graduate of Vocal Arts at DePauw, Dexter Griffin, in his debut solo recital, Bloomington, IN, July 22, 2017
*Thomas and Vicki King performed    The Call Ralph Vaughan Williams, Trinity Episcopal Church, Gatlinburg, TN, June 4, 2017
*Judge for AllTech competition (tenth year in a row), University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, March 5, 2017
 *Sang Solo    at Pops Concert, Trinity Episcopal Church, Bloomington, IN February 5, 2017


TK and Vicki King performed guest faculty recital, DePauw University, Greencastle, IN, November 14, 2016
Led workshop for performance anxiety, excellence in performing, choral music tips, Seymour High School, Seymour, IN November 2016
TK —  Performance Anxiety workshop, DePauw University July 21, 2016, Greencastle, IN  *PARTICIPANTS- See “Stage Fright” heading on my web site.  Go to it for review of the activities we did.  Contact me as needed.  I want YOU to be the best and most confident performer you can possibly be!

Daisy Cabaret invitation

TK narrated DAISY CABARET, the life and times of Daisy Hinkle-Garton, Farmstead, Bloomington, IN, April 16-17, 2016 (see flyer)
TK judged Classical Singer High School division first round, DePauw University, Greencastle, IN, March 12, 2016
TK judged AllTech competition, University of Kentucky, Lexington, March 6, 2016
TK judged DePauw University Concerto Competition, Greencastle, February 25, 2016
TK and Vicki King performed an “overview of opera” concert, Meadowwood Retirement Village, Bloomington, February 12, 2016
TK and Vicki King performed at the Trinity Episcopal Church pops concert, Bloomington, February 7, 2016
TK and Vicki King performed Guest Faculty Recital, DePauw University, Greencastle, IN, February 1, 2016
TK sang solos, Delmar Gardens Retirement Home, Atlanta, GA, January 17, 2016


TK sang solo in Messiah, Bloomington Chamber Singers, Bloomington, IN December 13, 2015
TK judged Indiana State  NATS, DePauw University, October 2015
TK received 50 year Phi Mu Alpha pin, 2015, New Orleans, LA
TK and Vicki gave recital, July 12, 2015, Hickory, MS
TK gave Performance Anxiety workshop, DePauw University June 15, 2015, Greencastle, IN
TK  judged NATS, GREAT LAKES Region, Anderson University, March 2015, Anderson, IN
TK judged AllTech Competition, University of Kentucky, March 2015, Lexington, KY
TK judged Concert Competition, DePauw University, February 2015, Greencastle, IN

VISIT  Thomas King on YouTube & on the web sites below.              Thomas King sings Rote Rose  Tenors – Once Again Thomas King         Visit the sites below for more of  TK’s singing.      CHOOSE MOVEMENT 3 “THE GOOD KNIGHT”
Of snow, ice, burning sand. (Second Performance) 
choose movement 3  “The Good Knight”

Libby Larsen website, go to voice, go to I Cried unto God

TK VK Faculty Recital

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tkvk-recitalAttend our faculty recital  MONDAY, November 14, 2016 at 7:30 p. m. at DePauw University, Thompson Recital Hall.

We will offer: Art songs by Purcell, Schubert, Clara Schumann, Robert Schumann, Fauré and John Duke —Broadway show tunes by Kurt Weill and Frederick Loewe —Arias by Johann Strauss, Douglas Moore, Bedrich Smetana, George Gershwin
We promise a “fun” time will be had by all. I sang many funny roles on stage over my 45 year career and will offer some selections from those roles.
tkvk-good To those add the beautiful, lyrical melodies of Fauré, the stately songs of Purcell and the deeply moving songs of Franz Schubert, Clara and Robert Schumann.
DePauw is celebrating Kurt Weill this season with “Street Scene,” in February and I will add to that celebration with “September Song,” reminding myself of the long years I have lived.

DePauw Syllabi SP 2016

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Vocal Lit II and French Diction for Singers are both available under DePauw.

Guest Faculty Recital DePauw University

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Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 5.53.47 PM

Drs. Vicki and Thomas King performed at DePauw University School of Music on February 1, 2016. Thomas has been teaching there since Fall of 2015 and will continue this spring and the entire school year of 2016-2017.  The Kings have been performing together since they met in graduate school at Indiana University in 1968.
Among the repertoire for the recital are songs by Indiana composers, Ned Rorem and David Baker. Also included are three DePauw premiers, songs by Al Benner and a song by Libby Larsen, commissioned by Dr. Vicki King for her husband on the occasion of his 65th birthday.

TK University Teaching 2015-2018

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I was engaged to teach voice at the prestigious Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University-Bloomington, for the SPRING semester of 2015 and I continued for FALL 2015, SPR 2016, SPR 2017, SPR and FALL 2018.  I was Visiting Professor of Voice, substituting for three different voice professors on sabbatical and on performance leaves. To be teaching at my own alma mater (from 1968-70) was thrilling indeed.

FALL of 2015 I taught Vocal Literature and German Diction for Singers at DePauw University School of Music and in SPR 2016, I taught Vocal Literature and French Diction.  In FALL 2016 and SPR 2017, I taught the same courses AND a few private voice students as well. FALL of 2017 and SPR 2018 I taught German Diction, then French Diction, all at DePauw University.

Tenors Again starring Vicki King, Randall Black, Jeremy Easley & Thomas King

Tenors Again starring Vicki King, Randall Black, Jeremy Easley & Thomas King

TK and Vicki King perform Barber Songs

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Sure on This Shining Night

The Crucifixion

Rain has Fallen

These three Barber Songs are among our favorites, performed in Kentucky in 2013

See Libby Larsen web site

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<>  web site features Thomas and Vicki King, “I Cried unto God.”

See and hear us listed under VOICE choices. Vicki commissioned this song in 2010 for my 65th birthday.

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