Present Song?

Barbara Bonney and TK at an AIMS Masterclass

Barbara Bonney and TK at an AIMS Masterclass

How to present a German Song in Diction?

#1 Prepare the song for yourself. Are you an expert on every word? Do you have trouble speaking ans of them?

#2 Learn to sing the song (at least 3 phrases to be sung for the class). Practice with an accompanist for security.

#3 Choose some difficult places to present. If they were difficult for you, they will probably be difficult for others.  Some vowel sounds are NOT easy!

#4 Have handouts ready (can be electronic or paper), marked with the places you want to cover while teaching the class.

#5 Listen to the class speak/sing the parts you present. Are they correct? Listen carefully. Be discerning.

COMMON MISTAKES in presenting a song.

not prepared.

handouts have mistakes.

haven’t practice the song yourself.

can’t decide which parts to present.

wishy-washy in listening to/correcting the class.

can’t “take charge”

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