MasterClass Tips


Sit close to the front so YOU can hear all comments.

Support your colleagues.

When the master teacher is talking, the teacher is talking to YOU (all of YOU). Listen even more intently to those comments.

Take notes (for yourself AND for each other). When YOU are performing, it is often difficult to remember everything said to you.

Give a copy of your notes to TK (so he can get better, too).

As a LISTENER, ask about the repertoire to be performed in the master class and bring personal copies of the music to make notes in your own copies.

Listen for style of composer, phrasing, sense of drama, delicious language, solid technique, etc., etc. Remember that these teachers are passing down generations of knowledge to YOU! This is so YOU can pass the knowledge on to the next generation!

List new and interesting repertoire for yourself.

Please be street smart about learning in a master class. Each teacher invited is unique and will offer many ideas.

If performing, ALWAYS dress up, bring two copies of the music. Be flexible and eager to take on new ideas.             TK  


Dr. Thomas King,

Voice Professor Emeritus, Austin Peay State University

Visiting Lecturer in Voice, Indiana University

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