Audition Techniques 2

~Audition Techniques~[designed for younger professionals]  



3] PRACTICAL PREPARATION – repertoire & rehearsal

4,5,6] -SPECIFICS-



1] AUDITIONS 1a. English resume: list contact information, education, teachers, solo experience, recitals and concerts

1b. list of audition pieces for today, list of repertoire ever, different lists for oratorio, recital, concert

1c. how to plan an audition notebook for optimal ease for accompanist

1d. Accompanist notebook for a real full recital

1e. Black folder for oratorio, concert

2] STAGE DEPORTMENT 2a. audition for oratorio jobs, network – where are the jobs?

2b. suggested repertoire for oratorio audition, English, Latin, other languages?

2c. audition for recitals, concerts, network – where are the jobs?, freebies?

2d. suggested repertoire for recital and concert audition, languages, English, etc.

3] PRACTICAL PREPARATION – repertoire & rehearsal 3a. audition clothes, recital clothes, oratorio clothes (how to match up with the “other” woman), concert clothes, rehearsal clothes

4a. Stage Deportment – ORATORIO how to act on stage throughout the concert (they are soooo long), using black folder, naked music, no folder, during solos of others, with orchestra behind you, kleenex, water, lozenges, acknowledging conductor and orchestra, acknowledging other colleagues, who leaves first?, who returns first?, what to wear for rehearsals with orchestra

4b. RECITAL stage bows, deportment throughout the recital, using music folder, water, etc., bows with accompanist (Lieder vs. arias), how to treat the accompanist, paying the accompanist, how to plan a recital, play to the audience, educate the audience, enlighten the audience, entertain the audience,

5a. Stage Fright, in auditions, how to overcome, self-esteem, positive attitudes  SF- in recital, overcome with character, use audience to advantage *(see 4b. above)  SF- in oratorio, overcome with strength, conviction, religion, grandness, etc., use audience to advantage *(see 4b above)

6a. mock auditions, resume, list, greet, details, calendar, arrangements, use music and folders, memorized, follow up, networking.

Thomas King personal repertoire for various occasions  

*ORATORIO: Comfort Ye….Valley Messiah Handel, Deposuit Magnificat Bach, In Native Worth Creation Haydn

**RECITAL: Sure on this Shining Night Barber, Lydia Fauré, Lorelei Clara Schumann, Allerseelen Strauss, O del mio amato ben Donaudy

**CHURCH GIG: Lord’s Prayer Malotte, Psalm 23 Liddle, Psalm 84 Liddle, Deep River arr. Frey

**WEDDING GIG: Lord’s Prayer Malotte, Entreat Me not to Leave Thee Gounod, Simple Gifts Copland

**DINNER PARTY: sing & play Broadway show tunes, 30’s tunes, 40’s tunes, easy listening

**GERMAN: Dein ist mein ganzes Herz Land des Lächelns Lehár, Lagunenwalzer & Sei mir gegrüßt both from Eine Nacht in Venedig Strauss, Vater, Mutter Undine Lortzing, Robert Stolz Lieder, etc.

-NETWORK- Do freebies first to get your name out, Even sing in the chorus of the oratorios for experience and style and “understudy” possibilities.. Where? Church, school community, amateur, start your own….

-YOU MUST KNOW- The Star-Spangled Banner . It is great exposure to lots of people!!!

– YOU MUST SING FOR ROTARY CLUBS- They give scholarships!!!

Soprano repertoire— Rejoice Greatly & Come unto Him, Messiah Handel, Pie Jesu Requiem Fauré, Et exsultavit, Magnificat Bach

Mezzo repertoire— He Shall feed His Flock & O Thou that Tellest, Messiah Handel, Esurientes and/or Et exsultavit, Magnificat Bach

Bass repertoire— The Trumpet shall Sound, Messiah Handel, Quia fecit, Magnificat Bach

2b Messiah and Magnificat are standards, of course there are others!

2c churches, synagogues, town halls, even outdoors! Duet recitals with your teacher, a colleague, an instrumentalist, exchange recitals (have done about 30 of these over the years!)  SSB see above

2d look at your own senior recital, ask your teacher for appropriate pieces, some general crowd pleasers, some for your own soul, some for artistic reasons, some for appeal to specific interest groups (Austrian and German clubs, DAR meetings, Church groups, Synagogues, etc.)

3a Ladies, always have basic black, AND be able to spice it up with glitter, scarf, jackets, jewelry, etc. Many young singers overlook rehearsal clothes as a way to be seen and to impress.  For concert rehearsals: look nice! Show that it is important to you. You WILL sing better if you feel special and dressed up. If the rehearsal is in a church or synagogue, be especially respectful of the customs (no shorts! UGH, no bare shoulders! UGH, men cover heads in synagogue, etc.)   For opera stage rehearsals: wear comfortable clothes, flowing skirts for women (as needed) slacks for pants roles!    Jeans? You may wear Jeans IF riding a horse in Girl of the Golden West or Oklahoma!!

**Overcome Stage Fright!  American Institute of Musical Studies   Dr. Thomas King

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