Stage Fright Articles and Books

Stage Fright Articles and Books

Suggested by Dr. Thomas King


Asner, Marie. “Overcoming Vocal Performance Anxiety,” American Music Teacher, February/March, 1987

Buffington, Perry W. “Picture It Perfect,” SKY, August 1989

Cockey, Linda, Josephine Gimble, and Ann Joseph. “A Teaching Strategy for Healthier Performance,” American Music Teacher, January 1989

Fields, James C. “Stage Fright A Look at Cause, Effect and Solution for Solo- Ensemble Performances,”  The Louisiana Musician, February 1978

Goleman, Daniel. “For Stage Fright, Rehearsal Helps,” New York Times, June 12, 1991

Harris, Sandra R.  “A Study of Musical Performance Anxiety,” American Music Teacher, February/March 1988

Nagel, Julie Jaffee. “When Good Teaching Isn’t Enough,” American Music Teacher, February/March 1991

Owen, Chloe. “Vocal Control for the Actor/Singer through Muscular Awareness,” Opera Journal, 1973

Russak, Gilbert. “How to Survive an Audition,” NATS Bulletin, January/February 1986

Stocker-Ferguson, Sharon. “Get a Dose of Medicinal Videos,” Prevention, December 1990

Sussman, Vic. “Don’t Fear Failure,” Reader’s Digest, June 1990


Aaron, Stephen.  Stage Fright: Its Role in Acting

Balk, H. Wesley. Performing Power and The Complete Singer-Actor

Caldwell, Robert.  The Performer Prepares

Craig, David. On Performing

Desberg, Peter, and George D. Marsh.  Controlling Stage Fright

Dornemann, Joan.  Complete Prerparation

Dunkel, Stuart Edward.  The Audition Process: Anxiety, Management and Coping Stategies

Gallwey, Timothy, and Bob Kriegel. Inner Skiing

Gallwey, W. Timothy.  The Inner Game of Tennis

Goldovsky, Boris.  Bringing Opera to Life

Goldovsky, Boris, and Arthur Schoep.  Bringing Soprano Arias to Life

Green, Barry, and W. Timothy Gallwey.  The Inner Game of Music

Havas, Kato. Stage Fright: Its Causes and Cures With Special Reference to Violin Playing

J, RH.  It Works

Jones, Earl William.  Sound, Self, and Song: Essays of the Teaching of Singing

Kassorla, Irene C.  Go For It!

Kosarin, Oscar. The Singing Actor

Lessac, Arthur. The Use and Training of the Human Voice

Maltz, Maxwell.  Psycho-Cybernetics

Marks, Isaac M.  Living With Fear

McGaw, Charles.  Acting is Believing

Morris, Desmond.  The Naked Ape

Olson, Ken.  The Art of Hanging Loose in an Uptight World

Owens, Richards.  The Professional Singer’s Guide to New York

Powell, Barbara.  Overcoming Shyness

Richmond, Sonya.  How to be Healthy with Yoga

Ristad, Eloise. A Soprano on her Head

Sher, Babara.  Wishcraft

Silver, Fred.  Auditioning for the Musical Theatre

Singher, Martial.  An Interpretive Guide to Operatic Arias

Watkins, Dwight Everett.  Stage Fright and What to do About It

Whitaker, Charlotte Sibley, and Donald Ray Tanner. But I Played it Perfectly in the Practice Room!

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